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17th February
written by Gary

Well, it’s time for weekly improvisation#2, and this week i present a piece inspired by a story by Bob Holo, to be found HERE

The last chord should resolve so perfectly that no-one (not even Django) could play it effectively, so i’ve left it for you to picture it in your own head (where it will be perfect).Place it where i do a silent strum, or leave yourself hanging, i don’t mind.

Oh, and this one utilises my Digitech Jamman, which i’m sure will become more familiar as time goes on..

5th February
written by Gary

My first weekly improvisation that i intend to continue every week.

Blogs, i’m told should be updated regularly, but since i don’t have that much to say, or am none to good at typing, i shall say it with my guitar.

Each week, a new improvisation, which is bound to include some of the ideas i’m working on that week, & also, over time, you should see me improve my technique and vocabulary of ideas.

All pieces will be made up on the spot, you can even see me thinking about what to do next in some places.